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Removing Interoperability Barriers.

A partnership approach for solving interoperability challenges.

Technology Solutions so that you can focus

on your Patients and not your Platform.

Interoptex offers healthcare organizations technology services that are connected, secure, and scalable.

FHIR Enabled API

Give your organization the ability to share your data with clients by providing a scalable, pre-built RESTful API that we map using the fastest-growing data standard in healthcare. We work with all tabular datastores -in the cloud or on-prem.


Integration Platform as a Service is a fully-managed EHR solution for healthcare companies that want to swiftly integrate across different systems but lack the in-house resources to do so.

Enterprise Master Patient Index

Our EMPI solution consolidates data from disperate systems and assigns each patient a unique identifier. This "Golden Record" of patient information improves care quality, reduces costs, and enhances patient satisfaction.

Ownership Platform Custom Build Model

Similar to our IPaaS, we build a dynamic integration platform for your EHR systems, but your team will take ownership and management for a fraction of the cost.

Client Centered Solutions

Our passion is  enhancing data liquidity and data cleanliness by providing client-centered solutions that allow healthcare organizations and practitioners to deliver top-notch care. We are breaking down the barriers of interoperability by offering solutions that are secure, scalable, and streamlined - all while considering you our partner - and giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can make the most informed care decisions based on the best data available.


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