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Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)

When you need a single source of truth for patient data, you need an Enterprise Master Patient Index.

The Enterprise Master Patient Index, or EMPI, is a database that brings together patient information from disparate systems and settings. This Golden Record of patient data improves care quality, eliminates unnecessary expense, and enhances patient satisfaction.

What could your organization do with the Interoptex EMPI solution?

eMPI solutions enable quick clean-up of patient data

Quick clean-up

A single view of your patient data means no need to go searching through all records for the possible duplicates. Our EMPI solution filters out false positives to focus Medical Records’ efforts.

Our enterprise master patient index comes with automated updates

Automated Updates

Remain in sync as EMR and other source systems are revised.
eMPI solutions with specialized logic

Specialized logic

Data decisioning, at the field level, keeps systems in sync and ensures the best quality data takes precedence according to your protocols.
Integrated eMPI solutions


Repopulate key data points from your patient’s Golden Record back to ancillary systems, including EMRs and Practice Management software.
Enterprise master patient index helps you identify workflow gaps

Identify workflow gaps

The reporting and analytics included with our EMPI solutions reveal opportunities for process improvements and training needs.

Customizable enterprise master patient index

Customizable, AI-Driven Matching

Leverage our proprietary blend of strict and fuzzy matching algorithms that incorporate powerful AI models to ensure your EMPI solution provides a patient matching success rate better than 99%.

Duplicate patient records and missing patient information are the unfortunate and costly byproducts of the multiple systems your organization needs to serve its patients and providers. Everything from your own EMR, EHR, and patient registration systems, plus IDNs, ACOs and healthcare payers — all bring their own patient data and IDs into your healthcare system. A 2018 study found that up to 12% of all patient records are duplicates. Using an Enterprise Master Patient Index system is crucial in today’s healthcare environment and is a key part of our suite of healthcare integration solutions.

“Our patient duplicate rate was well over 5%, which was causing billing, revenue and patient care issues. The Interoptex ease of implementation made their EMPI solution an easy choice for us.”

CIO, 15-Clinic Healthcare System

The patient matching functionality built into your EMR or PMS just isn’t enough to stand up to today’s complex data exchange environment. It’s no wonder an AHIMA member survey reported in 2016 that over 50% of HIM professionals “routinely work on mitigating possible patient record duplicates at their facility.” Even still, the industry averages a patient duplicate rate of 8-12% — far above the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s (ONC) target duplicate rate of 0.5%.

EMPI Solutions Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

An Enterprise Master Patient Index doesn’t just reduce patient duplicates and improve care; an EMPI also saves your organization money. The cost to fix a single duplicate patient record can be nearly $2,000, as detailed by Becker’s hospital CFO report. And that doesn’t take into account the spiraling costs that can flow from duplicated patient data: the costs of denied claims or unnecessary patient care. Taken together, the financial impact of duplicate records just keep mounting until they become untenable. Get in touch with the team at Interoptex today and we’ll discuss how our EMPI solution can eliminate these soaring costs at your organization.

Give us your data and four weeks.

Give us your data and four weeks – we’ll show you a full report on all duplicates and potential duplicates within your systems, free of charge.

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