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Ownership Platform Model

Take full control of your integration platform with this client owned and managed solution.


At Interoptex we realize our full-service iPaaS model isn’t for everyone. If you’re a growing healthcare company with a critical need for data intake and egress to EMR, HIS, PM, or CRM systems and have the talent internally to maintain and re-deploy new instances of these integrations, Interoptex has you covered.

We’ll use our team of experts to do a soup-to-nuts analysis of your product and needs, then work with your team to develop a pilot integration to each of the systems that are most critical to your business. Whether you’re integrating HL7 version 2, FHIR, proprietary APIs, JSON, XML, or completely custom formats, our engineers will work closely with your team to develop a modular approach to integration that’s flexible, reliable, and scalable.

From there we’ll educate your staff on how to make changes to these integrations and even deploy new instances of these integrations when additional connections are needed. At the time of go-live your team will inherit a fully-configured integration platform, complete with support documentation and integration specification documents (if desired). If you run into any snags down the road, we will also be able to assist using an ad-hoc consulting model, so you only pay us going forward if you need us.

The end result is a dynamic integration platform your team will own and manage for a fraction of the cost of architecting a platform using internal resources or the traditional integration consulting models.


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