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iO Nexus

Healthcare Data Integration Platform as a Service

Healthcare Organizations Have Unique Data Migration and Integration Challenges.

So why should you be forced to comply and fit within some other company’s rigid plan that wasn’t even made for your data migration and integrations needs?


The answer is: You Shouldn’t.

Interoptex Broke the Cookie-Cutter Integration Mold with Our Custom-Designed Data Integration Platform.

iO Nexus is an iPaaS solution for healthcare organizations looking to connect EMRs to additional EMR/EHRs, data warehouses, CRMs, or other software platforms and in turn, consolidate and correct that data for secure transport. An iPaaS is similar to an integration engine in function; however, the software and translation programs are maintained in the cloud by a third-party vendor, I.e. Interoptex. This saves our clients valuable resources in the acquisition and maintenance of the software, as well as the hiring of additional IT personnel.

Watch this video to learn more about iO Nexus, and our client-centered approach to data migration and integration.

Whether you’re looking to integrate widely used formats like HL7, X12, C-CDA or custom formats, Interoptex can help with your EMR interoperability. We also support all encrypted methods of data transport, including TCP/IP over VPN, MLLP, API connections via SSL, SFTP, and more. With Interoptex as your EMR integration company supporting you around the clock, your team is free to focus on what matters most: building your business and enhancing patient care.

HIPAA Protected

iO Nexus is protected by the same strict controls as our HIPAA hosted servers. Data is handled by mature, fully developed controls. HIPAA compliance solutions are essential to the services that we provide for healthcare interoperability.

24/7 Support

Interoptex Integration Support Team responds to alerts around the clock.


iO Nexus supports all standard healthcare formats, including, but not limited to HL7 v2.X, CDA / CCD, X12, PDF, Web API, HL7 FHIR, and custom formats ensuring Healthcare Interoperability regardless of your needs.


Subscription-based pricing means you only pay for what is needed for as long as it is needed.

Continuing Development

iO Nexus platform is constantly being improved, so you’ll be able to take advantage of fresh data exchange standards as they become prominent in the market for healthcare interoperability.


io Nexus has a flexibile configuration and the ability to layer on additional interfaces as needed for your HIPAA compliance solutions.


iO Nexus supports aggressive alerting, ensuring integration engineers are informed of disruption in seconds.


iO Nexus supports various transmission methods including TCP/IP (MLLP) across a VPN, SFTP, and web API (HTTPS).



iO Nexus supports the exchange of one data type for another, including single message (HL7 v2, XML, JSON) to web API or HL7 FHIR.

Compatibility with EMR/EHR Systems and API's

iO Nexus integrates with any EMR or other healthcare information systems that allow access to data through APIs, file-based formats, or direct database connections.

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Not Sure if iO Nexus is the Right Solution for Your Needs?

Use our Solutions Needs Matrix to learn more about our solutions. Always know that we can custom build, create hybrids, and/or even jsut listen to determine what we think would be your best option.

Looking for information about integration platforms and services?

Interoptex has a number of great resources, including white papers, webinars, and videos. Our white paper, Simplify Your Data Integration Needs Using iPaaS, give a brief overview of how integration platforms operate and how the contribute to interoperability. Our video “Integrate Now” explains how Interoptex can help your healthcare organization with our fully-managed, customizable, API enabled iPaaS.

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