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Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

A fully-managed, customizable, API-enabled solution that makes integration easy.

Our revolutionary iPaaS product is a fully-managed integration platform for healthcare companies that don’t have the time, energy, or finances to build an in-house solution. There’s no reason to waste hundreds of man hours developing your own platform and pay exorbitant fees when you can choose Interoptex’s iPaaS solution. 

Whether you’re looking to integrate widely used formats like HL7, X12, C-CDA or custom formats, Interoptex can help with your EMR interoperability. We also support all encrypted methods of data transport, including TCP/IP over VPN, MLLP, API connections via SSL, SFTP, and more. With Interoptex as your EMR integration company supporting you around the clock, your team is free to focus on what matters most: building your business and enhancing patient care.

Check out our video below to see how deploying our iPaaS can drastically streamline your approach to EMR integration.

Predictable Costs Keep You on Budget

Our iPaaS technology is billed on a per-interface subscription basis, so there are no huge up-front development fees for new interfaces. When you add a new interface, we simply include that in your monthly billable interfaces.

Here’s what your monthly fee pays for:

• All EMR integration development, from start to finish, including recurring changes and updates as needed
• Full 24/7 monitoring by our integration team
• Customized data-shaping for all fields
• Customized cross-walking for all fields
• Customized business logic for all fields
• Access to ICD, LOINC, and SNOWMED crosswalks at no charge
• Access to a backend analytics portal that gives a birds-eye view of your data
• Access to scheduled integration data reports

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