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IO FHIR®-Enabled API

FHIR-enabled API is a scalable, flexible bolt-on API that places the ‘heavy lifting’ in our court.

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Tired of the headaches associated with healthcare data and EMR integration?

Employing our iPaaS can drastically streamline your approach.

Enterprise Master Patient Index (eMPI)

Interoptex eMPI solution consolidates patient data, creating the “Golden Record” of patient information and improving care quality.

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Welcome to Interoptex!

Interoptex is a healthcare data integration technology company breaking down the barriers of interoperability. We design EDI (electronic data interchange) solution systems for many healthcare providers ranging from LTACs, ambulatory, hospitals, large health systems, rehab centers, telehealth, and behavioral health. We also work with health tech companies seeking to focus on building and selling solutions instead of dealing with the headaches of EMR and EHR integration.