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Interoptex is located in Nashville, TN. Known commonly known as the “Music City” and the birthplace of Country Music, Nashville has more recently become a city a on the rise. While Nashville is proud of its growth and development, those accomplishments have not come about without some socio-economic challenges.

Interoptex  is lucky enough to call Nashville, Tennessee our home. Nashville has been dubbed the “It City” by US News and World Report and Forbes Magazine, and named the fifth best city in the US by Travel+Leisure Magazine. 

With such unprecedented population and business growth coupled with urban sprawl, you’re bound to have problems in a city on the rise. Poverty, homelessness, crime, educational, and socio-economic issues don’t disappear – quite the opposite – they tend to get pervasively worse. 

Interoptex is committed to volunteering time and resources to helping Middle Tennessee be the It City for right reasons. While we love to see business growth and development, we also want to help shape the future of the city we love by building educational opportunities, supporting those most in need, and helping break down barriers that create homelessness and poverty. We want to be instruments for positive change with a servants heart. 

Beyond organized events, like our recent efforts to collect supplies for local pet rescues, our team members give hours of their time outside of the office to helping those in need. 

All of us have something we can give – time, ideas, talents – the best gifts often have no price tag. 

Be sure to visit our Social Media links for the #interoptexcares hashtag to see how we are making a difference.