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Interoptex FHIR® Enabled API

What is the Interoptex FHIR®-Enabled API?

Interoptex FHIR® – Enabled API gives your organization the ability to share your data with clients by providing a scalable, pre-built RESTful API that we map to your data. Give your clients the ability to query, create, or update data within your platform using the fastest-growing data standard in healthcare. We work with all tabular datastores, whether in the cloud or on-premise.

By connecting our FHIR®-Enabled API to your product, you’ll gain a series of up to 200+ endpoints that allows you to create, update, and delete operations to all of the data in your platform, customizable by client roles. There is an endpoint for each of the resources detailed in the HL7.org FHIR schema, enabling your organization to rapidly allow data intake and egress to fulfill your clients’ needs without dedicating hundreds of hours of development.

How We Do It

Interoptex dedicates a team of engineers to determine which of the FHIR resources are appropriate for your data. Once we know which endpoints should be available for your product, we’ll set up your FHIR implementation by working with your team to map each of the FHIR objects to database queries for your platform. This approach places the “heavy lifting” of API development in our court, so you can focus on the features your clients’ need the most.

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Looking for more information about FHIR?

Interoptex’s interactive white paper, What You Need To Know About FHIR Standards, can help you better understand the purpose and benefits of FHIR. Click here to read more about the fastest growing standard in healthcare.

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