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FHIR Enabled API

Give your organization the ability to share your data with clients by providing a scalable, pre-built RESTful API that we map using the fastest-growing data standard in healthcare. We work with all tabular datastores -in the cloud or on-prem.

Enterprise Master Patient Index

When you need a single source of truth for patient data, you need an Enterprise Master Patient Index. The Enterprise Master Patient Index, or eMPI, is a database that brings together patient information from disparate systems and settings. This Golden Record of patient data improves care quality, eliminates unnecessary expense, and enhances patient satisfaction.

Integration Platform as a Service

Whether you’re looking to integrate widely used formats like HL7, X12, C-CDA or custom formats, Interoptex can help with your EMR interoperability. We also support all encrypted methods of data transport, including TCP/IP over VPN, MLLP, API connections via SSL, SFTP, and more. With Interoptex as your EMR integration company supporting you around the clock, your team is free to focus on what matters most: building your business and enhancing patient care.