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iO Vector

Interoptex Vector is an Enterprise Master Patient Index solution for healthcare organizations that want to mitigate the challenges of data migration – mainly duplicated or inaccurate patient information and records. iO Vector integrates data from disparate systems and forms an overarching technology umbrella, solving and synchronizing data issues and providing a single patient view that can retrieved across the enterprise. iO Vector undertakes data quality issues and synchronizes back to enable accurate patient identification and matching that minimizes duplication and inaccurate information.

iO Nexus

Interoptex Nexus is an iPaaS solution for healthcare organizations looking to connect EMRs to additional EMR/EHRs, data warehouses, CRMs, or other software platforms and in turn, consolidate and correct that data for secure transport. An iPaaS is similar to an integration engine in function; however, the software and translation programs are maintained in the cloud by a third-party vendor. This saves healthcare facilities resources in the acquisition and maintenance of the software as well as the hiring of additional IT personnel.

iO Catalyst

Interoperability is fundamental to the power of revealing healthcare data and improving patient care. iO Catalyst uses an open API design and HL7’s FHIR® specifications to connect disparate organizations, platforms, devices, and data across the care continuum. iO Catalyst provides a scalable, pre-built RESTful API that we map to your data. In turn, you will be able to give your clients access to your application data or data warehouse in a compliant, secure, and scalable way.

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