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Interoptex EHR Integration iPaaS

Interoptex’s innovative EHR integration iPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution takes your EHR integration nightmare from a costly cumbersome capital expense to an outsourced managed service that still provides you insights and visibility over your systems. With Interoptex, you’ll no longer need expensive on-premise hardware, high-priced licensing, or on-site staffing headaches.

Once on-board with us, your team is directly connected to our lightning-fast help desk to ensure changes to your healthcare system integrations are handled quickly and efficiently. Eliminate many of the hurdles that often prevent organizations from integrating effectively with Interoptex.

Take advantage of our EHR integration iPaaS solution’s ability to provide a full range of options for translating and routing data between systems. Healthcare system integration of both clinical systems and data stores drives deeper patient engagement through mobile and web opportunities, optimizes hospital and practice workflows by improving efficiency and quality of care through the automation of processes, and supports the transition to value-based care by allowing you to track and perform against key population health metrics. Interoptex has built the first cloud-based EHR integration platform solution that is constructed 100% for healthcare and the challenges that healthcare data presents.

Isn’t it time for some intelligent integration?

Interoptex EHR Integration iPaaS Portal

Interoptex EHR integration platform solution is elastic and reliable while providing visibility to all integration end points. Feel connected to your data with a comprehensive portal that provides end-to-end visibility over integration flows. Gain valuable insights through the proactive setup of at-a-glance status reports to be delivered, when you want them, in your in-box. The Interoptex iPaaS portal provides insight into your healthcare system integration data footprint through a clean, easy-to-understand user interface, so you can interpret your integration data without leveraging development resources.

Benefits of choosing Interoptex iPaaS for your EHR integration

Eliminate the need for expensive internal resources

If you decide to go down the road of licensing your own integration engine, you’re not finished when it gets switched on at day 1. You will also have to hire an integration engineer who will be able to manage it full time. The integration workload is much more unpredictable than many other positions, meaning you’ll be paying a six-figure salary to an employee whose time will be a big challenge for you to efficiently budget for.

By integrating with the Interoptex EHR integration platform, you avoid all of these problems. You wind up paying less money for a more efficient, reliable system.

Save on the upfront cost of an integration engine

Deciding to invest in an inhouse integration platform requires investing huge amounts of capital for licensing costs. We’re working in an environment in which $50,000 a year is still considered cheap (and $100,000 a year is common). Do you really want to take on all of those upfront costs?

With Interoptex iPaaS your costs are drop dramatically and there are never any large upfront investments to get your EHR integration running how you need it.

24/7 monitoring of your critical data

Running your own integration engine means being responsible for ensuring you immediately know when key events occur. For instance, what if a single thread in the engine stopped receiving or sending data? How long would it be until you made aware? How much money or time would you lose between the event occurring and when you are able to start addressing it?

With Interoptex aggressively monitoring your EHR integration through our iPaaS, we’ll know immediately if any problems occur, before you’ve even noticed a thing. Unlike a full time, inhouse EHR integration engineer, who at any point might be out of the office or on vacation, our team of Integration Guides will immediately spring into action when a disruptive event occurs.

Save time and money, be better protected, and deliver superior services by upgrading to Interoptex iPaaS for your EHR integration needs!