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iO Catalyst

Interoptex Bolt-On FHIR API Solution that complies with the regulatory changes proposed in the 21st Century Cures Act for 2020.

The 2015 21st Century Cures Act is getting an overhaul, with sweeping changes coming in the form of laws intended to stop information blocking and siloing data through expensive integration fees. The ONC is proposing to adopt new API Criterion and Interoperability Rules that would use FHIR® standards and several implementation specifications to quickly enhance interoperability. Is your healthcare organization ready for FHIR? We are, and we can help put you ahead of the curve.

Interoperability is fundamental to the power of revealing healthcare data and improving patient care. However, the seamless migration of data between EMRs and other data systems has proven difficult.At Interoptex, we have harnessed the capabilities of open API technology and HL7’s FHIR® specifications to create iO Catalyst. 

iO Catalyst uses an open API design and HL7’s FHIR® specifications to connect disparate organizations, platforms, devices, and data across the care continuum. iO Catalyst provides a scalable, pre-built RESTful API that we map to your data. In turn, you will be able to give your clients access to your application data or data warehouse in a compliant, secure, and scalable way.

By connecting iO Catalyst to your product your organization will:

  • Gain a series of up to 200+ endpoints that will allow you to create, update, and delete operations to all of the data in your platform, enabling your organization to rapidly allow data intake and egress to fulfill your clients’ needs without dedicating hundreds of hours of development.
  • Give your clients the ability to query, create, or update data within your platform.
  • Be able to retrieve data from EMRs in a multitude of formats to bring data you’re your application.
  • Keep your data in the cloud or on premise.

The ONC also recognized that going forward, patient matching would be a critical component of interoperability and the nation’s health information technology infrastructure. iO Vector is an Enterprise Master Patient Index solution for healthcare organizations that want to mitigate the challenges of data migration – mainly duplicated or inaccurate patient information and records. iO Vector integrates data from disparate systems and forms an overarching technology umbrella, solving and synchronizing data issues and providing a single patient view that can retrieved across the enterprise. For new clients, we are offering this service free of charge for four weeks. At the of the trial period, we will demonstrate the necessity and cost-effectiveness of iO Vector.

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FHIR: More Than Just a Buzzword

Many EMRs have developed their own HL7 interfaces over the years that try to adhere to the HL7 2.x standard for the most part, but since they don’t communicate how they’re building the HL7 messages to each other, there tends to be different versions of the same “standard”.

For example, an HL7 message created by different EMRs can be placed side by side and look very similar, but some information contained within may not always show up in the same place.It cannot be a standard across the entirety of the healthcare community if every EMR makes their own standard.

FHIR adaptation across all aspects of the healthcare community will ensure a concise standardization of healthcare information exchange for any system capable of transmitting and/or consuming FHIR resources.

But how can this be assured?

The use of of standards and APIs will be mandatory as stated in the 21st Century Cures Act, with compliance dates as soon as 24 months from the final rule date.

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