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iO Vector

An Enterprise Master Patient Index Solution

Read Our Report: Healthcare's Disparate Data Systems Dilemma

This infographic takes a look at recent research in how disparate data systems and the migration of patient data across EMRs creates costly results and by-products for both individual patients and healthcare organizations.

Healthcare data creation and migration brings with it costly by-products in the identification and reconciliation of patient records because of the ways disparate systems classify, store, protect, and share information.

These by-products come in the form of duplicated patient records and inaccurate patient information. These data quality issues can be devistating to the resources of any healthcare organization, especially when you consider:


Medical Billing Claims Rejected Due to Inaccurate Patient Information

The number of PREVENTABLE DEATHS that occur from MEDICAL RECORD ERRORS every year


The average percent increase of medical identity theft every year since 2013.

The Number of Hours it Takes to Resolve One Case of Medical Identity Theft

The US Healthcare System loses billions of dollars due to denied and unpaid claims every year.


The 21st Century Cures Act Rule Changes proposed for 2020 will require high levels of interoperability across all EMR/EHRs. The ONC recognized that going forward, patient matching would be a critical component of interoperability and the nation’s health information technology infrastructure.


iO Vector can provide your organization with a proven solution to this disparate health IT systems dilemma, putting your organization on the fast track to interoperability. 

iO Vector is an Enterprise Master Patient Index solution for healthcare organizations that want to mitigate the challenges of data migration – mainly duplicated or inaccurate patient information and records. iO Vector integrates data from disparate systems and forms an overarching technology umbrella, solving and synchronizing data issues and providing a single patient view that can retrieved across the enterprise. It undertakes data quality issues and synchronizes back to enable accurate patient identification and matching that minimizes duplication and inaccurate information.

In addition to higher rates of clean and correct demographic data, iO Vector will:

eMPI solutions enable quick clean-up of patient data

Assist with Quick Clean-Up

A single view of your patient data means no need to go searching through all records for the possible duplicates. iO Vector  filters out false positives to focus Medical Records’ efforts.

Reduce Cost

Reduce your overall costs caused by rejected billing, medical identity theft, and duplicated record clean-up

Integrated eMPI solutions

Integrate with Other Systems

Repopulate key data points from your patient’s cleaned record back to ancillary systems, including EMRs and Practice Management software.

eMPI solutions with specialized logic

Perform Specialized Logic

Data decisioning, at the field level, keeps systems in sync and ensures the best quality data takes precedence according to your protocols.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction due to an increased speed in wait times, use of accurate information by clinicians, and increased positive communication experiences.

Our enterprise master patient index comes with automated updates

Provide Automated Updates

Remain in sync as EMR and other source systems are revised.

Enterprise master patient index helps you identify workflow gaps

Identify workflow gaps

The reporting and analytics included with our EMPI solutions reveal opportunities for process improvements and training needs.

Customizable enterprise master patient index

Customizable, AI-Driven Matching

Leverage our proprietary blend of strict and fuzzy matching algorithms that incorporate powerful AI models to ensure your EMPI solution provides a patient matching success rate better than 99%.

Assist In Better Care

Increase patient satisfaction due to an increased speed in wait times, use of accurate information by clinicians, and increased positive communication experiences.

Four Weeks Free

We would like the opportunity to show you just how powerful iO Vector works at identifying duplicated records. In fact, we will give you the first four weeks of our iO Vector EMPI for FREE. We will analyze your data and provide you with the results.

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Data Integration and Migration Issues?

We can create a custom-built platform that fits your needs. 

If your healthcare organization doesn’t have an integration platform in place, Interoptex Nexus is an iPaaS solution that can connect EMRs to additional EMR/EHRs, data warehouses, CRMs, or other software platforms and in turn, consolidate and correct that data for secure transport. We don’t force you into a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to integration. Instead, we listen to you and find out what you need from us to get on the fast-track to interoperability. 

Interoptex offers a discount when Nexus and Vector are purchased as a suite of services.