We’re Changing the Business of Healthcare.

Interoperability is made easy with the team at Interoptex. Healthcare Information Technology groups are continuously developing integration tools over and over again to meet the requirements of the many EMR tools available throughout the continuum of care.  Interoptex provides a stable, elegant solution that is changing the business of healthcare as we know it.

Interoptex Team


Interoptex normalizes and exchanges all data formats required to meet the demands of today’s complex healthcare ecosystem. Learn how our hand-off, fully managed integration platform can eliminate integration headaches and keep your team focused and efficient.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

HIPAA compliant hosting isn’t easy.  Most hosting providers only provide a toolkit for building your own security controls, but little else. We partner with our clients to define HIPAA-compliance and put them on the fast track to achieving it.

User Configuration and Workstation Security

Your employee endpoints must be managed with many of the same controls as HIPAA compliant servers.  Ensure your team is compliant with Interoptex.


Interoperability In The Cloud.

Interoptex’s integration platform is cloud-based and fully-managed, meaning there’s no need for on-premise hardware, licensing, or staffing. All integration requests are handled through our lightning-fast help desk to ensure changes are handled quickly and efficiently, thereby eliminating the many of the hurdles that often prevent organizations from integrating effectively. Our platform also provides a full range of options for translating and routing data between systems. Check below to see our full list of integration features.

Interoptex format gears


Interoptex Integrator supports all standard healthcare formats, including, but not limited to HL7 v2.X, CDA / CCD, X12, PDF, Web API, HL7 FHIR, and custom formats.

Interoptex Flexibility Arrows


Flexibile configuration and the ability to layer on additional interfaces as needed.

Interoptex Exchange Arrow


Interoptex Integrator supports the exchange of one data type for another, including single message (HL7 v2, XML, JSON) to web API or HL7 FHIR.



Interoptex Integrator supports aggressive alerting, ensuring integration engineers are informed of disruption in seconds.

Interoptex Transmission Tower


Interoptex Integrator supports various transmission methods including TCP/IP (MLLP) across a VPN, SFTP, and web API (HTTPS).

Interoptex Affordability Businessman


Subscription based pricing.  Pay for what is needed for as long as it is needed.

Interoptex HIPAA Protected Clip

HIPAA Protected

Interoptex Integrator is protected by the same strict controls as our HIPAA hosted servers. Data is handled by mature, fully developed controls.

Interoptex 24/7 support earth

24/7 Support

Interoptex Integration Guides respond to questions and concerns around the clock.

Interoptex continuing development light bulb

Continuing Development

The Interoptex Integration platform is constantly being improved, so you’ll be able to take advantage of fresh data exchange standards as they become prominent in the market.

Interoperability has never been so easy.

HIPAA Compliance Defined.

When asked to define what HIPAA compliance means many infrastructure teams struggle to articulate exactly how their servers are made to be HIPAA-compliant. This can be difficult because HIPAA gives broad guidelines for compliance, but doesn’t clearly define instruction on how to implement controls to meet those guidelines. At Interoptex, we’ve consulted with the industry’s top InfoSec teams to come up with a rock solid definition of what HIPAA compliance means to us. We think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more strict definition, or to find a hosting partner that implements these controls with the same level of expertise and discipline as Interoptex.

Interoptex SOC Certified

SOC Certified

Our hosting partner is SOC-2 and SOC-3 certified.

Interoptex Uptime Cloud


99.9% Uptime, guaranteed.

Interoptex Private Cloud

Private Cloud

All PHI-processing servers are hosted using dedicated tenancy to keep your data  protected.

Data Encryption

All data hosted by Interoptex is encrypted at rest and during transmission. We use IPsec, SFTP, SSH, and SSL protocols to guarantee all transmission methods are secure and protected. All data disks are encrypted.

Interoptex Subnet Segregation

Subnet Segregation

All of your servers will be hosted on a dedicated subnet, with all security protocols configured to exclude traffic from Interoptex clients outside your subnet.

Interoptex Backups


Backups are scheduled nightly for all servers and monitored so backup failures are detected right away. Backups can be taken at more rapid intervals if desired.

Interoptex Aggression Threat Management

Aggressive Threat Management

Interoptex uses aggressive threat management that includes the following features for every server: Host-based intrusion prevention, firewall-level intrusion prevention, monthly intrusion detection scans, data leakage prevention, and cutting edge antivirus/malware protection.

Interoptex Minimum Necessary Access

Minimum Necessary Access

Interoptex uses identity management techniques such as Active Directory, group policy, and private/public key pairs to keep identity management tight and ensure minimum necessary access for our staff and your employees.

Interoptex Monitoring and Immediate Response

Monitoring and Immediate Response

We monitor all servers around the clock, so we’re notified of any issues before your clients are. We’ll respond to any critical issues right away, day or night.

Avoid the pitfalls of poorly defined HIPAA controls. Host with Interoptex today.