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Interoptex Named a Top 25 Healthcare Technology Solution Provider

CIO Applications magazine announced today their 2017 list of innovative players in the Healthcare Solution arena who have proven their efficiencies in contributing uniquely and significantly to this critical sector of life-saving services and solutions.

Interoptex and the other companies on the list rose to the top based on their abilities to elevate operational efficiency, reduce cost and upgrade patient experience.

“We’re trying to make an impact on the quality of patient care,” says Seth Hobgood, CTO for Interoptex, in the magazine’s associated profile.

The primary challenge he notes is the cost constraint related to integrating health data from disparate systems. This cost could turn into six figures given the hefty consultation fee associated with most of the available solutions.

Hobgood continues, “We aim to provide growing healthcare software companies and healthcare providers the opportunity to integrate their data in a way that is not cost prohibitive.”

The firm delivers on its promises by leveraging the scalability of the cloud into its product, iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service). The platform allows customers to undertake data integration without having to worry about any of the underlying factors that often serve as the inhibitors for the entire process.

The platform employs a flexible engine that takes care of everything from inheriting, validating, standardizing, and translating incoming data to any format the client deems appropriate. Interoptex offers round-the-clock monitoring of different interfaces, freeing up customers to focus on their business objectives.

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