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Interoptex White Papers

Click on and expand any of the listings below to view our white papers on topics related to data security, interoperability, and our solutions to healthcare interoperability solutions.

Why You Need a Healthcare Interoperability Platform

A Short and Concise White Paper Explaining the Purpose and Benefits

Why is Interoperability Important to Healthcare Delivery?

A look at the issues and consequences of poor interoperability for practitioners and patients.

What You Need to Know about FHIR® Standards

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) is an internet based protocol that was created to address the issue of interoperability experienced by the healthcare providers. But what is FHIR, and how does it actually work? Does it really have any benefits? This white paper gives readers a brief overview of FHIR.

Healthcare Standards for Interoperability

Learn more about healthcare interoperability standards and what they mean for providers, vendors, and most importantly, for patient care.

Challenges in Achieving Healthcare Interoperability

An short white paper that examines the basic struggles in achieving healthcare interoperability.

Simply Your Data Integration Needs Using iPaaS

A drawback of integration engines is that the healthcare facilities typically need to purchase their integration engines and hire integration analysts to support them. An iPaaS is similar to an integration engine in function; however, the software and translation programs are maintained in the cloud by a third-party vendor. This saves healthcare facilities money in the acquisition and maintenance of the software as well as the hiring of additional IT personnel. This interactive white paper examines iPaaS and explains its basic functions as well as how the platform helps in achieving interoperability.

Does HIPAA Require At REST Data Encryption?

An Interactive White Paper detailing the importance of operating a HIPAA-compliant cloud and protecting data at all states and stages.